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  • Trial (體驗方案 )



    • -Hours: 3 days/0900-1800

      -Access: Hot Desk/All Community Space

      -Kafnu Credit: 3kc/3 days

      -3 days trial

  • Lifestyle (生活方案)



    • -Hours: According to access/Event participation

      -Access: by credits

      -Kafnu Credit: 20kc/month

      -F & B、Stay、Space rental savings

  • K-ommunity



    • Kommunity Membership

      Price per month: NT$ 7,000 plus tax

      Kafnu credits per month: 3

      Printing credits of NT$ 200/month

      Access: 24/7
  • Community (社群方案)



    • -Hours: 24hr Unlimited

      -Access: Hot Desk/All Community Space

      -Kafnu Credit: 15kc/month

      -F & B、Stay、Space rental savings

From our Blog

  • Lenovo is a PC brand that hold the world’s largest market share. They provide laptops, PCs, tablets and all kinds of accessories. You can find everything you want just in one stop here.

    Now joining LenovoPRO, an online-store that is specifically designed for small and medium business, to unlock member-only pricing, exclusive offers and earn more rewards and savings as your business expands. Access business-grade products, services, solutions, and the support of dedicated small business specialists.



    l   5% off on all laptops, PCs , All-in-one purchase.

    l   1 year premier support warranty on every system purchased. ( For instant repair and business support)


    How to apply

    l  Sign up here:

    l  Fill in "Kafnu Taipei" in the "代表ID" block

    l  Wait for about three days of the check process

    l  Sign in and enjoy discount!!!

  • Kafnu Taipei cross-border partner Elancer is a co-working space in Korea, offering work, rest and meeting facilities 24/7!



    Kafnu Taipei member 3 free usage day/mth

    Elancer is your best choice in Korea during travel or business!


    Please contact Kafnu Taipei team members for further details 
    E-mail:[email protected]

  • CityInn Hotel has multiple branches in Taipei, offering designer space, variety of services and convenient location.



    Kafnu Taipei member exclusive booking offer.

    CityInn offers Kafnu Taipei members a variety of savings for different room types. Book friends, family or guests a comfortable stay at a great price.


    Please contact Kafnu Taipei team members for further details 
    E-mail:[email protected]

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