Kafnu健康工房|哈達瑜珈 Hatha Yoga






每週二  晚間 19:00-20:15

Kafnu Taipei 11F

會員票券 點數1/
一般票券 NT$400/


In the Hatha class, Darryl brings awareness on the connection of the breath and movement. With the meditative aspect of breath work, there is an active physical component that helps to tone and stretch the muscles. Focus on alignment will activate strength required to both build and stabilize the body.

Darryl creates well rounded sequences, while teaching in a clear and concise voice that allows students to focus and stay present.

May your practice bring you steadiness of mind, peace, and inner strength.
Suitable for practitioners of all levels.


Darryl Trimmer

Darryl was first introduced to Yoga 7 years ago in Mexico. Like most people, at first yoga was about the physical aspects. How I am getting stronger, more flexible, or gaining better balance. However, he started to notice over time with consistent practice his mind began to calm, not just in the mat, but in his everyday life. People come to practice yoga for many different reasons. Darryl believes it can have a lasting impact in more ways than a person originally thinks.