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反璞歸真的超野性肌力訓練!!! 你聽過Movement?


Generally speaking, everyone agrees that strength is important.
Movement practitioners are no different. 
The exception is, we develop strength with the intention of increasing our ability to move, not to increase the weight on the barbell. 
Quality is of the utmost importance and when it comes to the upper body, the gymnastic rings reign supreme.

This class will contain elements of gymnastic strength development (straight-arm and bent-arm), mobility, out-of-alignment training, prehab, locomotion and more.
The aim of this class is to make you stronger than ever.

每週二 19:00-20:30(本頁為此時段)
每週五 07:00-08:30


會員票券 點數1/
一般票券 NT$400/

陳孝賢 - Founder of Human Movement Project.

Movement是什麼? 它泛指跟身體活動有關的任何事物。



Nathan - Founder of Human Movement Project.

The name Human is significant to me.

I’m an Australian living in Taiwan, who is always called a foreigner first and recognised as human second. We may look different, sound different or act different, but we are more similar than we actually are different. I want to to take it back to the level that unites us all.
I believe that the more you move, the better you can move. And with this, all things in your life improve.

My teaching style is intense and personal. I accept only your best and no excuses.
I am the kind of person that questions everything and won’t stop. So for me to help guide a student, I must understand as much about them as I can. All the way through. Trust, honesty and dedication. I absorb them into my life and give them as much of me as I can.

My ultimate goal is to make them a better human than I.

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